space mix

1.) Magicman-Bonobo | 2.) untitled-The Heliocentrics | 3.) Only Pieces-Here We Go Magic | 4.) Black Jesus-9 Lazy 9 | 5.) Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya-Dr. John | 6.) untitled-Panda Bear | 7.) Some Strange Rain-Cotton Jones Basket Ride | 8.) My Christina-Sabu Martinez | 9.) Cello Song-The Books featuring Jose Gonzalez | 10.) Lonely Lonley (Frisbee’d Mix)-Feist | 11.) Sugar Rhyme-Bonobo | 12.) West Side-Studio | 13.) So Long-Mr. Scruff | 14.) I Know a Little Cuban-Hugo Madoro

Download Mix- space.mp3


One thought on “space mix

  1. This is ONE EPIC MIX my friend. Spacerific! I just made a mix for my boyfriend’s blog…not quite as spacey, but pretty good listening. Check it out at (I posted it on my blog too). I also really like the work you do. Our styles seem to overlap a bit with geometry. I started a little artist collective called Yeller, and we make inexpensive art products. Our last show was all screen printed work, and now we are planning a nautical themed show with some original work. See what you think at Thanks again for the mix!

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