Giveaway! – Wilco- Cedar Park, TX Poster


Hi, Friends.

I have been super busy the last few months and haven’t even had time to update this blog!  Hopefully that will change soon, as I sure could use a break!

To get back into the swing of things, I have decided to do a giveaway with my latest hand-printed gigposter.

It is printed with FOUR, sparkly, metallic inks and is s/n in an edition of 250.  It also measures 18″ x 24″ in size and is ready for easy, inexpensive framing.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post listing you favorite Wilco song. (and be sure your email address is correct!)  I will randomly select a winner (using an online, lottery type number generator) Monday morning. (October 19, 2009)

If you aren’t one for taking chances, you can surely purchase one of these prints (and lots of others!) here as well.

Good luck!


107 thoughts on “Giveaway! – Wilco- Cedar Park, TX Poster

  1. What a great poster dude. I can see myself listening to Wilco in my room, on my back on my bed with my feet on the wall and huge headphones on my ears…

  2. Nate,
    Thank you so much for the prompt shipping of the last 2 prints I ordered. They look absolutely amazing! You do such great work!!

    My fave Wilco song is: Either Way

  3. Toughie…it’s gotta be Poor Places. Such a heartbreaker. Or maybe Handshake Drugs. Or maybe this is an impossible question.
    BTW, I have your Magnolia Electric Company poster (with the field & sky) and it RULES.

  4. Tonight, at this very moment, it would be “Heavy Metal Drummer” because it reminds me of loose nights near the Hudson River. Oh, the summer of 2001 were stunning.

  5. awesome poster, great color palate.

    “undone – the sweater song” is the song because my then-girlfriend (now wife!) sang it all the time when we met.

  6. Just in time for the holiday season! Loving the contest and poster.

    For the past couple of years, “You are my face.” from sky blue sky. Chill intro and then a sweet riff to pick it up a notch.


  7. Loe the print! Just saw the last two shows in Toronto and they tore it up night 2! Guest appearance in the encore by Feist, playing one of my newly favorite Wilco songs “You and I”.

  8. One of my favorite songs is Walken. I love the country twang it has while still keeping its rock roots.

    Sweet poster btw. the flowers poster you did for Wilco was sweet but i like this one much more. the wood grain background gives it some nice depth.

  9. Impossible Germany! Saw them with Okerville River in South Lake Tahoe for my bachelor party! Good stuff, I had actually just found out that my father had passed away that night. I was 6 hours away and could do nothing, but wait to leave the next morning…..the show was just what I needed as it took my mind off of things! Thanks a bunch for all your work!

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