Hand-Made Alphabet Print- The Process! Part 1

I had a lot of fun making my recent Black Keys poster. I was very pleased with the character and movement I was able to achieve with just a pair of scissors, some shapes and a few magazine pages.

I have also wanted to created another alphabet print for some time now, so I decided to sit down and have a go at creating a hand-cut alphabet print, using only basic shapes and my hands.

I began the process by sketching the alphabet using only basic shapes and forms.  Once I was happy with my rough solution for each letterform, I grabbed a pair of scissors and one sheet each of red and black construction paper.

Using the sketches as a rough guide, I quickly freehand-cut basic shapes in varying sizes and forms and began arranging them until I was happy with their resemblance to each letter of the alphabet.

Using packing tape, I simply taped each letter to one, Letter sized piece of computer paper to hold it in place.  I repeat this process until I am happy with all 26 letters.

Next, I will scan the two pieces of paper containing my alphabet into the computer, and prepare the art for printing.

Working with the two different color papers will allow me to easily color separate the images and prepare them for screen printing.

Once into the computer, I enlarge the art and prepare for press.

I will be hand-printing this art in a few different sizes and colors next time I head to the print shop.

I will continue documenting the printing/creative process in a few days when it goes to print.

Here is a mock-up of one of the color schemes that this will be printed in.


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