I was recently contacted by Dell, who graciously offered me a new printer for my home office in return for reviewing said printer.

Sounds crazy, right? I, like you, thought there had to be more to this deal than appeared on paper, but sure enough, there wasn’t.

A week or so went by after I agreed to participate and one afternoon my doorbell rang. It was UPS delivering my brand new DELL 2155cdn printer, just as the wonderful folks at Zócalo had promised.

Honestly, this new printer came to me at a great time as one of our printer/scanners here at the office just ate it and we actually needed a new printer…

Part of this deal required me to write an honest review of this printer and I am happy to do so.

Right out of the box, setup was an ease. From “box-opening” to “test-print”, the whole process was super easy and only took about 5 minutes.

The imagery and text printed super clean and vivid and the thing that stood out the most was how FAST it printed. It was so fast, I actually thought it just spit out a blank page as it prepared to print what I sent to the queue.

As an illustrator, print quality is important, but the scanner is equally important. Reason being, a large portion of what I do requires me to bring my hand-drawn imagery into to the computer and prep it for coloring and most often, screenprinting.

The scanner was fast, easy to use and captures a nice, crisp, clean image. All I can ask for, really.

All in all, I found this printer to be really high quality (it is made of mainly metal and I find it to be very sturdy and well built) and I am really super happy with being given one to test out.

I would definitely recommend this printer to anyone with a home office looking for a high quality printer/scanner combo machine that is a step up in every way from the “entry level” printer/scanner combos you find at most of the big box stores.

Thanks again, Dell, this was a great surprise that really is a hi-quality, well-built printer. I have a feeling it will get a lot of use and be around my office for quite some time.


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