This blog is an extension of nateduval.com You can see more of my work and buy my screenprinted gigposters, accesories and art prints there as well.


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  1. Hey Nate, just wanted to share with you that I’m a 6th grade art teacher and for the last year I have been introducing your work to my students. Since the children are only in art for 9 weeks each year, I developed a quick way to teach art history to the kids. Each day when they enter my room, there is a new work of art hanging up and they write down the artist’s name and something about him/her and we have a quiz on it at the end of the term. Most of the artists are the standards (Picasso, Van Gogh,Warhol, etc), but recently I have added you, Shepard Fairey, Jay Ryan, and some other poster artists to my list of “art of the days”. So now you are amongst some of the world’s greatest artists, in my classroom anyway.

    I have the ART OF MODERN ROCK and GIG POSTERS book and some other images I printed from the computer (the ones that are okay to show 6th graders)and the kids really enjoy your concert posters and drawings, especially the Wilco and the LOST posters.

    I’ve been trying to explain to the kids how screen printing works but it’s a hard concept for some of them to grasp. I was wondering if there was anyway you could send me one of your multi-color prints in the different stages, so they could see how you do one color at a time. I’m sure you’re super busy so I understand if this is not possible,
    but thanks in advance anyway!

    Brad Hosbach
    6th grade art teacher

    209 n. 3rd st. unit 1B

    Philadelphia, Pa


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